We will support your business start from idea to profitable company
Need to find an investor to be wowed by your product?

We have useful contacts with companies and individuals in Europe, Israel, Russia and the USA, who are interested in investing in the development of new businesses with the aim of making a profit.

We are already known by such investors as Fidelity, Leta Capital, FlashPoint, Scale UP, Accel Connecticut Innovation and others.

  • find an investor
  • prepare an investment plan, and an application for a grant or a loan
  • we will plan the budget of your company
  • we will help you become a TASED resident
Not sure how to apply for a loan or grant?

We have prepared hundreds of complete packages of documents for financing businesses in various fields of activity. We will help you arrange everything correctly the first time, without any delays or mistakes.

Are you seeking to become a TASED (Territory of Advanced Social and Economic Development) resident?

We will review your case, prepare a complete package of documents for you, and help you develop a business plan, filling out the necessary applications for concluding an agreement on implementing your proposed business activities.
Throughout the entire period of cooperation, we will keep accounting records for any program that is convenient for your business.

We will prepare reports according to local or international standards in the language of the country where you want to develop your business. We will submit financial statements on time and without any mistakes that might turn up in any auditing inspections.
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