Payroll services
Pay day is the most anticipated event in the company.

Our employees will calculate all payments owed to your personnel, taking into account benefits and changes in working conditions.

They will help transfer employees to remote work if they are able to perform tasks outside of the workplace. You will know what your employees are doing during the working day, as we will help you keep track of their working hours and work efficiency.

In the event of a force majeure, say, a new pandemic, we will develop a strategy to optimize the wages you pay without reducing the number of employees. We are already keeping valuable professionals employed for our clients' companies.

What you get
calculation of salaries, bonuses, allowances and other compensation
calculation of vacation pay, sick leave, and maternity payments
calculation and deduction of personal income tax, pension and insurance contributions
monthly reports for management and pay sheets for employees
reports for regulatory authorities
The most valuable thing for any business is people. Every employee who works for the success of your company is working for the common good.

It is so important that your employees receive all due payments and bonuses accurately and in a timely manner. With us, you will be sure that all remuneration will be completed on time!
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